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Parc Güell for Free




at Open Walls 2014


The Vikings are coming…



In March 2014 the British Museum will open the Sainsbury Exhibitions Gallery with a major exhibition on the Vikings, supported by BP. The exhibition has been developed with the National Museum of Denmark and the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin (National Museums in Berlin) and focuses on the core period of the Viking Age from the late 8th century to the early 11th century.

The extraordinary Viking expansion from the Scandinavian homelands during this era created a cultural network with contacts from the Caspian Sea to the North Atlantic, and from the Arctic Circle to the Mediterranean. The Vikings will be viewed in a global context that will highlight the multi-faceted influences arising from extensive cultural contacts. The exhibition will capitalise on new research and thousands of recent discoveries by both archaeologists and metal-detectorists, to set the developments of the Viking Age in context. These new finds have changed our understanding of the nature of Viking identity, trade, magic and belief and the role of the warrior in Viking society. Above all, it was the maritime character of Viking society and their extraordinary shipbuilding skills that were key to their achievements. At the centre of the exhibition will be the surviving timbers of a 37-metre-long Viking warship, the longest ever found and never seen before in the UK. Due to its scale and fragility it would not have been possible to display this ship at the British Museum without the new facilities of the Sainsbury Exhibitions Gallery.


Aquest cartell realitzat per la gran exposició que se celebra al British Museum de Londres sobre els Vikings, ha estat realitzat amb la col.laboració de Lou Jazz ( gubies i fusta en mà!! :D

Charming people


Gent amb encant voltant pels Encants

Born in the troubled city. In Rock and Roll, USA. In the shadow of the tallest building. I vowed I would break away. Listened to the Sunday actors but all they would ever say: That you can’t get away from it, no you can’t get away, no you can’t get away from it. Schooled on the city sidewalks, coldness at every turn. Knew I had to find the exits. I never, ever would return. Scoffed at the prophet’s omens that said I would live to learn. That you can’t get away from it, no you can’t get away. Going unaided toward the west coast, stopped in the sleepy town. Left my change and walked out I didn’t even turn around what they were getting next to was that old familiar sound. That you can’t get away from it, no you can’t get away, no you can’t get away from it. No you can’t get away

In a hotel room in Amsterdam. On a wild and windy August night as a cloud passed over a cold moon. My heart was seized with terror and fright. Seeping up through the floorboards. Coming in through the walls. Coming in through the doorway. Ringing up and down the halls

That you can’t get away from it
No you can’t get away
No you can’t get away from it
No you can’t get away

_Sixto Díaz Rodríguez

Cadaqués i Maiakovski



Bajo los vientres sábanas de agua

que un blanco diente laceraba en las olas.

Las chimeneas rugen, como si recorriesen

lujuria y amor juntos sus gargantas de bronce.

Las barcas se apretujan en la cuna del muelle

prendidas  las ubres de a férrea madre.

En las orejas de los buques sordos

ardían los zarcillos de las áncoras.

_Vladímir Maiakovski

Bulimia iconográfica




En pleno dia bipolar, de cabeza en una montaña rusa de sentimientos opuestos, día de esos ideales para dispararme en una rodilla y convaleciente reírme de mi misma delante de un espejo. Con bulimia iconográfica y pesimismo patológico, tengo una bomba instalada en el córtex pre-frontal y aullo, no como un lobo a la luna, como una ballena encallada dentro de un reloj de arena. Trotando entre la rutina y el libertinaje, sinsentido, sinrazón, entre la orilla y el mar.

21 Febrero 21013